Apple Health Benefits

On the previous page you might have enjoyed reading about  apple health benefits on heart disease and how its high antioxidants content is responsible for their healing power.

On this page we'll consider the health benefits of apples on asthma, cancer, blood sugar, weight loss and in fighting viruses.

Apple Health Benefits on Asthma

health benefits of apple for cancer

In a study carried out in the United Kingdom, 1,500 adults were asked about their eating habits during the previous year and the researchers found that people who ate at least two apples each week had a 22 to 32% lower risk of developing asthma than those who ate less of this fruit.

Another Australian study involving 1,600 adults associated apple and pear consumption with a lower risk of asthma.

Finnish researchers found fewer cases of asthma among people with high levels of quercetin in their diets.

And a study of more than 13,000 adults in the Netherlands found that those who ate more apples and pears had better lung function and less chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Benefits of Apples on Cancer

Quite a few studies show apple health benefits on lung cancer.

For example, a study involving more than 120,000 men and women found that women who ate at least one serving of apples or pears daily had a lower risk of this form of cancer.

A Hawaiian study looking at the diet history of 582 people who had lung cancer and 582 without the disease found that people who ate the most apples, onions and white grapefruit had roughly half the risk of lung cancer than those who ate the least amounts of these foods.

Apples and onions are both high in quercetin.

In another study, Finnish researchers found that men who consumed more quercetin were 60% less likely to have lung cancer than men with lower quercetin intakes.

What happens "when you subject cells to a carcinogen and then put in the quercetin", says Dr. Lawrence H. Kushi, ScD, associate director for etiology and prevention research at Kaiser Permanente's division of research in Oakland, California, "you prevent mutation from occurring - you prevent the carcinogen from acting."

Apple Health Benefits on Blood Sugar

green apple

There's no doubt that apples are good for diabetics and others who want to avoid steep rises in blood sugar. Apples rank near the bottom of the "glycemic index" - right along with dried beans, one of the very best regulators of blood sugar.

This means that despite an apple's natural sugar content, it doesn't spur a rapid rise in blood sugar.

The fruit keeps the throttle on insulin, and foods that do this invariably also lower blood cholesterol and blood pressure.

And, apparently, to enjoy apple health benefits you don't even have to eat them. Researchers at the prestigious Yale University have found that you may have only to smell apples to get your blood pressure down! Dr. Gary Schwartz, director of Yale's Psychophysiology Centre, reported that the aroma of spiced apples has a calming effect on many people that tends to lower blood pressure.

Apples for Weight Loss

apple for weight loss

Because whole apples keep blood glucose levels up for a while, they also make you feel fuller than equivalent carbohydrate calories from apple juice or apple puree, a bonus if you're dieting.

The juice is much quicker at inducing a spurt of insulin and drop in blood sugar, making you hungry. So apples are a far better weight-loss food than apple juice.

Try eating one apple 20 to 30 minutes before lunch or dinner and you'll eat much less than you normally do.

Apples Health Benefits
Against Virus

But apple juice has its benefits. Apparently, viruses don't live long in the presence of apple juice.

In Canadian studies, apple juice taken right off supermarket shelves proved highly potent in inactivating polio viruses in test tubes.

Tested against eighteen other commercial juices, apple juice ranked tops with grape juice and tea as being able to cause the demise of the viruses one hundred percent.

Researchers also find that those who eat more apples tend to have a lower incidence of colds and upper respiratory ailments.

As far back as 1961, researchers at Michigan State University compared health records of 1,300 students with how many apples they ate.

They found that most dedicated apple eaters over three years made fully one third fewer calls to the university's health centers than non-apple lovers, and had less upper respiratory infection, and less tension and sickness in general than was expected.

So, all in all, eating apples on a regular basis has an incredible impact on your health. Make the most of apple health benefits by including them in your diet every day.

Apple health benefits don't end here, they're excellent at relieving constipation as well. Click on NEXT to read the article.

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