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Discover the Power of Healing Foods!, Issue #001 -- Fight Tiredeness! Charge Up Your Life!!
October 16, 2012

Fight Tiredness! Healing Foods
to Charge Up Your Life

Welcome to the first issue of Discover The Power of Healing Foods! newsletter. You can read the entire issue on line by clicking here.

This is what we will discuss in this issue:

Fatigue, Fed Up with It?

Do you wake up full of energy every day? Or are you one of those who need to fight tiredness with adrenaline boosts to get you started, either in the form of strong coffee or through a run around the block? Do you often feel tired? more

So what can we do to get more energy?

Obviously, it will depend on what causes your fatigue in the first place. But the are things you can do regardless of the reasons behind your lack of energy. Read about 7 things you can do to boost your energy...

Charge up your life from the moment you get up!

It's so important to start up your day with the right food. How do you know whether your body responds better to and gets more energy from carbs, protein or fruit in the morning? more

Boost Your Energy with an Alkalising Diet

I'm sure you've heard a lot about alkalising diets. Maybe you know all about them or perhaps you have a vague idea of what they more

How do you alkalise your body?

Enter the supergreens! What are they? They are chlorophyll-rich powders such as barley grass powder, sea kelp and spirulina. These are among the most effective more

Avocado and Nut Smoothie Recipe - Your daily boost of energy!

This delicious smoothie will fill you up as well as sustain your energy levels, so make a fantastic breakfast or mid-afternoon more

My Best Offers: Products that help you fight tiredness

I thought I'd put together a few products that I feel will help you fight tiredness and fatigue and give you back zest for more

Coming Next...

I hope you have enjoyed reading this newsletter. The next issue is going to be about Inflammation and Chronic Pain - Which Healing Foods can help and which ones you should avoid.

Plus, I'll include a recipe for "The Healthiest Cookies in the World" that can actually help you fight inflammation. You don't want to miss it!

Also, I would like to answer any of your questions regarding inflammation, so don't hesitate to get in touch with me.

The next issue will be sent out on Wed 14th November 2012.

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