The Best Fiber Supplement

There's a lot of debate on what the best fiber supplement may be and, as per usual, experts find it difficult to agree. Having done a lot of research on the subject, I've come to the conclusion that one of the best fiber supplement is derived from psyllium seed, and on this page I'll explain why I've come to that conclusion.

Benefits of Psyllium Seed

Psyllium husk is a tiny grain grown in India and it's used in many fiber supplements for its high content of soluble fiber. It belongs to a type of soluble fiber called mucilage and is perhaps the most potent cholesterol-lowering agent of the gel-forming fibers.

The mucilage fiber present in psyllium seed has been shown to reduce fasting and after-meal glucose and insulin levels in both healthy and people with diabetes.

Also mucilage has decreased body weight and hunger ratings when taken with meals by obese subjects.

Psyllium seed are different from other soluble fiber as it acts as both soluble fiber, lowering cholesterol levels and insoluble fiber, scrubbing through the intestines and cleaning them of potential carcinogens.

A recent study compared the use of psyllium seeds with the use of docusate sodium, a common stool softener. The psyllium was more effective at relieving constipation than the stool softener and was by far the best fiber supplement.

In another study, people with high levels of cholesterol were given a minimum of 10 g. of psyllium daily for six weeks or longer. They showed a significantly higher reduction (between 6 and 20%) of LDL cholesterol than those on a low-fat diet.

Being a rich source of soluble fiber, psyllium helps to regulate bowel function in people suffering from diarrhea, as well as constipation. Hence it may be helpful to those with irritable bowel syndrome, where the symptoms can alternate between these extremes.

Psyllium may have a role to play in preventing gallstones. A Mexican study of obese patients with increased risk of gallstones found that psyllium helps to avert the condition.

We Put Lepicol to the Test

Like so many people today, I've been suffering from IBS and constipation all my life and I was forever looking for ways of solving my problems.

A few years ago I came across LEPICOL, which is made from psyllium seed husk, and I decided to try it to see whether it helped relieve my symptoms.

Brian, my husband, also suffered similar symptoms but much worse so decided to try it as well.

We were absolutely amazed by the results. Within days we started to see the effects. We became regular, for the first time in years, and the cramping and bloating practically disappeared. I was so pleased to see my husband finally full of energy and feeling so much better.

Since than we've used it quite regularly. And what difference it's made to our general well-being!

What can lepicol do for you?

I believe that Lepicol is the best fiber supplement because it can help you keep regular in three ways.

First, its very soluble but gentle fiber helps to improve transit time for both loose and constipated systems. It also contains pre-biotics as well as pro-biotics to help to keep the environment within the bowels nice and clean.

Ingredients in LEPICOL:

PSYLLIUM HUSKS, which come from the cleansing plantain Psyllium, are rich in fiber and able to absorb more than 20 times their own weight in fluid, ideal to help in the movement of waste through the digestive system. The psyllium used in Lepicol is 98% pure and is the highest grade available.

INULIN (PRE-BIOTICS), or Fructo-oligosaccharides, are extracted from Chicory and have been shown to extend the life of Lactobacillus bacteria. Recent research in Japan and the USA has shown how inulin can sustain intestinal flora and enhance the Bifidobacteria population.

PROBIOTICS, also known as the friendly bacteria are, vital to a healthy colon. The inclusion of healthy bacteria in Lepicol plays an important part of the overall program in keeping the colon healthy.

LEPICOL is available in husk form and is mixed with water or diluted fruit juice. For full details, see the label. LEPICOL is FREE from wheat, sugar and additives.

Best Fiber Supplement for Sensitive Bowels

Psyllium husks are the best fiber supplement for those that have an intolerance to wheat. They can have a soothing effect on sensitive bowels where fiber from wheat can prove to be too abrasive.

Psyllium husks are totally natural and safe. They are used by millions of people each year throughout the world. They are not absorbed by the body, do not stimulate in any way, and are non habit forming. They are therefore suitable for prolonged use.

How lepicol works

Fiber can help keep the colon and bowels healthy by stripping them of harmful bacteria. At the same time, however, it removes some of the 'friendly' bacteria in the colon that are necessary for good health.

When consuming high-fiber foods, or a fiber supplement, you need to add to your diet a source of friendly bacteria, or probiotics, such as Lactobacillus acidophilus, Lactobacillus bulgaricus, or Bifidobacterium bifidum.

So the best fiber supplement would have friendly bacteria added to it.

Well, LEPICOL contains five different types of probiotics, which makes it unique amongst the fiber supplements.

Probiotic cultures in LEPICOL: Lactobacillus plantarum, Lactobacillus rhamoisus, Lactobacillus bulgaricus, Lactobacillus acidophilus, Bifidobacterium bifidum.

Lepicol Plus Digestive Enzymes

LEPICOL Plus Digestive Enzymes contains all the ingredients in the Lepicol Original Formula with the added benefit of Digestive Enzymes, a formulation that has a 4 pronged approach to maintaining a healthy digestive system.

Many don't realise that a healthy digestive system and healthy bowels are closely connected.

When food is broken down efficiently it makes it easier to digest and this means that vital nutrients are better absorbed in the small intestine and waste matter is passed through to the bowels more easily.

So the digestive enzymes in this product will help with digestion and the other elements will help the passage of stools in the intestine.

Ingredients for Lepicol Plus Digestive Enzymes: Psyllium Husks, Inulin, Lactobacillus acidophilus and Lactobacillus bifidum bacteria, Protease, Betaine Hcl, Ginger Root, Papain, Peppermint Leaf, Fennel Seed, Bromelain.

Some Words of Caution

If you have allergies, or asthma, be careful about using this herb. Some allergic reactions to psyllium have been reported, although they're not very common.

Don't take a fiber supplement at the same time as medications or other supplements. They'll lose much of their effectiveness or strength because some fibers are so absorbent they'll pick up beneficial elements as well as bad.

Replace lost minerals that may be absorbed by the fiber with a mineral supplement taken at another time.

Fiber supplements of all types should be taken between meals, or at least half to one hour before meals. If taken during meals, fiber will bind with food nutrients and remove them from the body.

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