List of Magnesium Rich Foods

Many conditions are affected by a lack of magnesium and would benefit from including in your diet as many magnesium rich foods as possible.

What would a lack of magnesium do?

Well, when you lack magnesium, your heart beats irregularly, arteries stiffen, constrict and clog, blood pressure rises, blood tends to clot, muscles go into spams, insulin grows weaker, blood sugar jumps, bones lose strength and pain signals intensify.

By carefully selecting as many of the magnesium rich foods listed below as you can, you'll be making a tremendous difference to your health.

Magnesium Rich Foods

Barley 1 cup 158
Black beans 1 cup, boiled 91
Broccoli 1 cup, boiled 3
Brown rice 1 cup, cooked 86
Brussels sprouts 8 32
Butternut squash 1 cup, boiled 60
Chickpeas, canned 1 cup 78
Collards 1 cup, boiled 52
Dates, dried 10 medium 29
Figs, dried 10 medium 111
Great Northern or haricot beans 1 cup, boiled 88
Green beans 1 cup, boiled 32
Kale 1 cup, boiled 24
Lentils 1 cup, boiled 71
Lima beans 1 cup, boiled 82
Mustard greens 1 cup boiled 20
Navy beans 1 cup boiled 107
Oatmeal, instant 2 packets, cooked 70
Peas 1 cup, boiled 62
Pinto beans 1 cup, boiled 95
Raisins 2/3 cup 35
Soybeans 1 cup, boiled 148
Spinach 1 cup, boiled 158
Sweet potato 1 cup, boiled 32
Swiss chard 1 cup, boiled 152
Tofu 1/2 cup 118
Vegetarian baked beans 1 cup 82
White beans 1 cup, boiled 113

Source: Bowes & Church's Food Values of Portions Commonly Used by Jean A.T. Pennington, Judith Spungen

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