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There's nothing like a set back in your life to make you stand back and reassess things.

For me, it happened when I became ill with ME/CFS in 1992. Apart from the usual symptoms of ME (debilitating fatigue, muscle and joint pain, insomnia, brain fog, swollen glands, etc.) I also developed food intolerances that just added to the problem.

With the help of a nutritionist in Italy I managed to find out which foods where causing me a problem and by avoiding them, I was able to have some relief.

But this sparked an interest on the subject.

If certain foods were responsible for some of my symptoms, could I get better if I found out which foods where suitable for me?

The answer wasn't as easy as I hoped. As it turns out ME/CFS doesn't always respond to a change in diet, although the right diet can have a tremendous impact on some symptoms. In my case I found that a combination of nutrition and acupuncture was the answer to my problems.

My interest in nutrition went beyond trying to solve my own health problems, what I wanted to do was to help other people who, like me,  wanted to find out if the right nutrition could help them too.

In 2009 I qualified as a Diet and Nutrition Advisor as well as doing courses with the Open University on Nutrition and Human Biology. I simply love finding out all I can on how the body works and especially how it reacts to the environment we live in, the choices we make as far as food is concerned and how these choices affect our health (you'll find that these subjects are all discussed on this site).

So what started as a hobby it turned into a passion!

The next question was: Could I possibly find a job that would allow me to use the things I'd learned? Yes, possibly I could have set up my own practice and started looking for clients, but I wanted to reach more people... I needed another solution ...

How This Website Was Born

When I was studying for my Nutrition courses I was doing a lot of research on line and I remember how disappointed I often was because I could never find satisfying or complete information on the subjects I was researching.

Some sites would only give superficial information, others were too technical, still others very dogmatic.

If somebody stated that a certain food was good for a certain condition, I wanted to know why; whether there was any evidence to support it and how it actually worked. Time and again I would go away feeling that there had to be something better out there.

I often thought "It's very well to list all these wonderful superfoods, but how easy is it to find them?" Many of them are very exotic or very expensive or very difficult to find. Not everybody can get hold of them.

How about everyday foods? What are their health benefits? What conditions would these foods help to treat?

This is what I wanted to achieve with this website, make available to everybody the latest information on nutrition and why and how certain foods work for various conditions.

I sincerely hope that you find the answers you're looking for here. If you don't, please, contact me with some suggestions for future pages.

If you want to know how this website came about click on the banner below or read my About SBI! page.


In the meantime, I really hope you enjoy reading all about the healing power of various foods and really benefit from the information I've presented.

Knowing that I've helped even just one person in whatever problem they might have is the biggest reward I could get!

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