Whole Grain Foods

As low-carb diets are still so popular, the question is: Are whole grain foods considered healing foods or should you eat them rarely?

Consider the evidence for yourself. Select any of the following articles:

Benefits of Whole Grains

Benefits of Whole Grains

What Are Whole Grains?

What Are "Whole Grains"?

Whole grain cereals - A good start to the day

Whole Grain Cereals

Slow Carbs vs. Fast Carbs

Slow Carbs vs Fast Carbs - What Makes Some Carbs Better than Others?

What makes a food low or high GI?

Glycemic Index of Foods - What is It?

Carrorts are high GI  but low GL - Why?

Glycemic Index and Glycemic Load -What is the Difference?

Why Low GI Foods Are Good For You

Low GI Foods

Low GI Food List

Low GI Food List

Whole Grain Foods - Essential to Our Health

In recent years carbohydrates have suffered a similar fate as fats.

People became convinced that all fats were bad and went on low-fat diets, but now many realize that some fats are essential to a healthy diet, while others should be regarded as an occasional treat.

Similarly, thanks to important new research in the last few years, it's now clear that whole grains are essential to our health and well being. They provide ready fuel for our body and they're the best source of energy for our brain.

But not all carbohydrates are equal - it's essential that we make the right choices.

White bread, sugary breakfast cereals and all refined carbohydrates are still the popular choice, but they cannot be considered healing foods.

In fact, they've been linked to unusually high rates of diabetes, heart disease and obesity.

You may not be surprised to know that 80% of Americans eat less than one serving of whole grain foods per day. The problem might be that many are not really sure what whole grain foods actually are.

No substitutes for Whole Grains

As researchers aren't sure which of whole grains' many components account for their remarkable disease-fighting powers, you need to eat the whole package to get their health benefits.

Some might think that just adding bran to other foods or taking folic acid supplements may make up for not eating the real thing. Well, that's not the case.

You need to make sure you eat a variety of whole grains, as they all have different properties and both soluble and insoluble fiber as you will find out in this series of articles.

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