Krill Oil Benefits

(Part 2)

It's fascinating to read about studies concerning krill oil benefits, it makes you wonder why they are not advertised more. Part 1 discusses  how krill oil differs from fish oil and what are their benefits.

To read more on the health benefits of omega-3's in general read The Healing Power of Fish and the Benefits of Fish Oil.

Reduction of fat deposits in heart and liver

A new study conducted by internationally acknowledged research groups in Italy, under the supervision of Dr Sebastiano Banni and Dr Vincenzo Di Marzo, investigated the effect of Krill Oil and omega-3 fish oil in obese rats. The conclusion? "Krill Oil has a significantly better effect than fish oil" says Banni.

Krill Oil, rich in omega-3 phospholipids, provides substantially greater reduction of fat in the heart and liver than does omega-3 from fish oil.

High levels of fat hinder the heart function, but reducing the fat content brings the heart back to a normal level. Krill oil reduces the fat content in the heart by 42%. Fish oil only reduces the fat content by 2%, making krill oil 22 times more effective!

A corresponding examination of the fat amount in the liver shows a reduction of 60% after administration of Antarctic Krill Oil, while fish oil reduces the fat content in the liver by just 38%, showing krill oil to be 50% more effective.

A high level of fat in the liver impairs liver function which reduces insulin sensitivity and contributes to the development of Type II diabetes.

So krill oil benefits extend to both the heart and the liver. (1)

Reduction of Triglycerides and Glucose

krill oil benefits

Another study demonstrated krill oil benefits at lower or equal doses compared to fish oil. Krill oil was found to be more effective than fish oil in reducing blood levels of glucose, total cholesterol, LDL and triglycerides and increasing HDL levels, thus reversing the trend towards a blood lipids and sugar pattern that increases the risk of heart disease.

At the level of intake of 1.5g/day, it was found to be superior to fish oil (at 3g/day) for lowering of LDL cholesterol and blood sugar.

When the krill oil intake was increased to 3g./day it had the extra effect of lowering the blood triglycerides, which fish oil did not.(2)

Effect on Menstrual Problems and PMS

Another study investigated the benefits of krill oil on all menstrual difficulties whether physical or emotional and concluded that krill oil significantly reduces dysmenorrhea (painful menstruation) and the emotional symptoms of premenstrual syndrome (PMS) and is significantly more effective for complete management of premenstrual symptoms compared to omega-3 fish oil.(3)


Many studies on omega-3 fatty acids on depression have given contradictory results, mainly because they were carried out using fish oil.

But a study carried out on depressive symptoms of premenstrual syndrome showed krill oil benefits on lifting the mood of the subjects.

The absence of significant effects of fish oil on mood in many studies suggests that the presence of the phospholipids and/or higher amounts of EPA may be responsible for the therapeutic effect of krill oil.(4)

Obesity and Metabolic Syndrome

Researchers from Australia and Italy report that the high fat diet, rich in omega-6 fatty acid so prevalent today was associated with an increase in levels of compounds called endocannabinoids - lipid messengers that reportedly influence appetite, energy balance, mood, memory, pain perception, and in doing so contribute to the build up of fat.

Supplementation with the krill oil for eight weeks, however, reduced levels of the endocannabinoids.

“Since these... mediators are dysregulated in several tissues of obese Zucker rats, these data might suggest that KO can potentially produce beneficial metabolic effects against dysmetabolism and inflammation in obesity,” wrote the researchers.

“Hence krill oil has a high potential to alleviate metabolic dysfunctions associated with obesity and other metabolic disorders” was the conclusion they reached indicating the superiority of krill oil benefits over fish oil.(5)

Further Uses

Clinical reports are also showing a higher potential for krill oil in relief of knee, shoulder, finger and other arthritic pains and for improving joint flexibility making it the best omega 3 supplement.

Some users of krill oil report improved calmness and tolerance for stress, along with higher energy and general well-being.


Krill Oil Supplements

Antarctic Krill Oil from Nutrigold is the one I use and am extremely happy with it.

They always have incredible offers on, so this is your opportunity to try it for yourself.

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