Foods for ibs-
Healing Foods to Soothe your Colon

Some foods for IBS are better at dealing with constipation and others are more suited to soothing diarrhea. On this page we're dealing with the latter but click here if you want to read about IBS foods for constipation.

Perhaps you've gone through the Elimination Diet for diarrhea-predominant IBS or you've kept an IBS Journal and you've found out which foods tend to aggravate your problems, so obviously you might want to eliminate those from your diet for IBS.

Among the foods you CAN eat, are there particular foods that can actually help healing and soothing your digestive system? There are quite a few.

Foods for Ibs To Relieve Diarrhea


Apples are one of the best foods for IBS because they can help with relieving constipation AND stopping diarrhea.

They're good for diarrhea because contain both pectin and tannins, which work together to bind up your stools and soothe your digestive tract.

Both the skin and the pulp of apples are beneficial, which is why whole apples and applesauce are common food remedies for diarrhea.

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One of the most astringent natural remedies for diarrhea is conventional tea in traditional tea bags - just plain, without any other herbs or spices added, not even milk.

Tea is rich in tannins, which help bind stools and hold back bowel movements.


These berries are particularly effective against diarrhea because they, too, are rich in both pectin and tannins and should be a part of your diet for IBS.

Dried, not fresh, bilberries and blueberries seem to work better to relieve diarrhea. Doctors in Sweden often prescribe a soup made of dried blueberries to treat diarrhea.

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Warning: Some people can actually suffer with diarrhea after eating blueberries. This can occur from food contamination with bacteria or other harmful substance, or as part of an allergic or sensitivity reaction. Other people can be particularly sensitive to salycilates, chemicals naturally occurring in some fruits and vegetables,  that can cause diarrhea. If you're sensitive to aspirin, you're more likely to react to blueberries with diarrhea and stomach upset.


Cooked carrots seem to soothe the digestive tract and control diarrhea. A carrot soup, for example, is one of the best foods for IBS.

They also provide nutrients that are lost during an attack.

Interestingly, the Appalachians cook their beans with a small, whole carrot to reduce their gas-producing ability.


Eating foods know as "prebiotics" - non-digestible food elements that stimulate growth of the "good" bacteria in the digestive tract - can be helpful in preventing diarrhea. Garlic, onions and leek are natural sources of prebiotics.

Eating lots of these flavourful foods can boost your immune system and ward off diarrhea-causing bacteria, so do include them liberally among your IBS foods.

According to studies in India, garlic's link to good bacteria in the intestine also improves digestion and enhances absorption of minerals, a helpful bonus during and after a bout of diarrhea.

Warning: I've suffered with IBS for many years and I'm quite good with garlic, onions and leeks, but I know many IBS sufferers that can't come near these vegetables as they trigger their symptoms. So, please, consider doing an Elimination Diet first if you're not sure whether these are good for you.


Pomegranate's seeds can be astringent, helping bind and dry up your bowels.

Sipping pomegranate juice is a good option.

Some rind of the juice, even richer in binding tannins, is often incorporated in commercial pomegranate juice.


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